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Light & fresh


Red Flame Stuffed Jalapenos

Mozzarella, cheddar, and tuna in bacon-wrapped fresh jalapenos


New Orleans Style Crab Cake

6oz, Crab cake topped with a creamy crawfish sauce with crawfish tails and U10 scallops toppings


Korean Grill Wings

Grilled and stirred in a spicy Korean BBQ sauce.


Oyster Nachos

Deep-fried Gulf oyster served with tortilla chips, queso fresco, pico de gallo and creamy chipotle mayonnaise


Steak Tar Tar

6 oz of filet medallions blended with olives, red bell pepper, onions, and anchovies. Served with parmesan aioli and french bread.


Korean Tenderloin Skewer

Two tenderloin strips in a savory Korean demi-glaze.


Ceviche a la Campechana

Octopus, shrimp, and whitefish with a blend of avocado, cilantro, jalapeno, onion, tomato and fresh citrus


Gambas al Ajillo

Seared prawns with a savory garlic & red chilli sauce.


Ribeye Tacos

Three savory tacos made with our Ribeye cut, radish & serrano shavings, onion, & tomato in a corn tortilla. Served i􀂚ith a side of molcajete salsa and refried beans with queso fresco


Guacamole Chicharrones

Our house-made chunky guacamole, with 7 oz of ribeye chicharrones. Served with com chips or tortillas


Agua Chiles

Cucumber slices topped with citrus cooked shrimp and an avocado slice. The n drizzled with a spicy three pepper sauce


Soup & Salad

Cup $7.95 , Bowl $10.95

Lobster Bisque Cup

Fresh lobster tail meat in a spicy, made from scratch sauce. Bowl $10.95


House Salad

With house-made white wine vinaigrette


Strawberry Mozzarella Salad

A blend of green, fresh mozzarella, strawberries, house-made citrus vinaigrette


Cajun Clam Chowder Cup

Cajun Seasoned crawfish, sausage and corn, bowl $9.95


Caesar Salad

Hearts of romaine, house-made Parmesan Caesar dressing.With Grilled Chicken $13.90 / With Grilled Shrimp $17.90


Wedge Salad

A wedge of iceberg, bacon, blue cheese, red onion, tomato with house-made blue cheese dressing.



Add Chicken +$5.95 / Add Shrimp +$9.95 / Add Fillet Medallions +$13.95 / Add Scottish Salmon +$15.95



Served with choice of two sides

Center Cut Filet Mignon

8 oz, of the most tender of steaks, lean, yet succulent with a fine buttery texture



8 oz of one of the most flavorful cuts of beef



Highly marbled and juicy with an intense flavor profile, 14 oz.


Picanha Steak

8 oz of a flavorful and lean sirloin cut, perfect for grilling


New York Strip

America’s most popular steak, lean and tender, 12 oz



Served on a sizzling skillet with garlic & rosemary


The steak lover’s cut, the best of two steaks – a juicy, robust striploin, and a lighter, melt-in-your-mouth tenderloin, 22 oz.


Tomahawk for Two

This bone in-ribeye steak is highly marbled and juicy with intense flavor. Includes choices of soup or salad for two, two sides for each. 35 oz.


On Top

Grilled Shrimp

Or creamy garlic sauce


Smothered Mushrooms & Onions


Creamy Lump Crab Crawfish Sauce

Mix with tarragon butter





Green Beans/ Mashed Potatoes/ Cream of Corn / Plain Baked Potato/ Grilled Vegetables / Sautéed Mushrooms/ Grilled Zucchini / Hand-cut Fries /
Premium Sides
Loaded Baked Potato ($3.95) / Asparagus ($2.95) / Loaded Mashed Potatoes ($3.95) /Bacon Wrapped Asparagus ($3.95) / Cup of Soup ($5.95) / Side Wedge(+$1.75) /Side Caesar (+$1.75) / Side Strawberry Mozzarella ($2.75)


Tenderloin Steak Wrap

Warm flour tortilla with refried beans, house-made chipotle mayo, lettuce, and tomato with Monterrey and Cheddar cheese; served with hand-cut fries or house salad.


Fillet Cheesesteak

Delicious tenderloin meat mixed with peppers, onions and melted cheese. Served with hand-cut fries


Chimichurri Steak Burger

Bacon, cheddar, chimichurri sauce, served with hand-cut fries.


Steak Jalapeno Sandwich

Tenderloin steak on a hoagie bun; jalapeno, cheddar & cream cheese sauce, cilantro and red onion.


Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Burger

Swiss cheese, mushrooms, fried onions, Kentucky bourbon BBQ sauce, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion, served with hand-cut fries.


Build Your Own Steak Burger

Customize your burger with a variety of fresh ingredients: Avocado / Bacon / Fried Onion Strips / Fresh Jalapenos / Chimichurri / Fried Egg / Mushrooms / KY Bourbon BBQ / Cheeses: Cheddar, swiss, Cream, Blue


Seafood, Pasta & Chicken

Served with your choice of house salad or cup of soup

Poblano Mahi Mahi

Our newest seafood entree served with Mahi Mahi over poblano risotto


Pasta dal Mare

Scallops, shrimp, clams, mussels in a white wine seafood sauce


Bangkok Red Curry Fish

Thai curried trout with rice and zucchini


Honey Beer Salmon

Guinness Stout glace served with mashed potatoes


Chilean Sea Bass

Wild caught sea bass with avocado pesto, asparagus and filed greens.


Spicy Chicken Alfredo

Creamy Alfredo with bacon, mushrooms, shallots, tomato.


Grilled Entrees

Served with your choice of house salad and your choice of dressing

Upgrade to Caesar or Wedge Salad (+$.175)

French Tarragon Chicken

Chicken breast over rice and asparagus with a tarragon sauce.


Creamy Mushroom Pork Chop

Served with mashed potatoes


Santa Maria

This wonderful dish is a.feast worth trying. Served on our new portable lone star grill. Pork Loin, Chicken breast, picanha steak, lobster tail, shrimp and four sides.


For the Children

All served with Hand-Cut Fries

Chicken Strips


Sirloin Steak 8 oz


Chicken Alfredo




Chicken Quesadilla


Beef Quesadilla


Fillet Medallions



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